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Thread: Switch Rods

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    Hi Conrad. Any Updates on the switch rod? Did you decide to get one or test and how did it go?
    So tell me.... How Big's yours?

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    A bit off topic, but just my two cents if you want to minimise false casting.

    I have a 10wt, 9ft Sage XI3 which I paired with a 10wt Rio Short Outbound line, mainly for boatwork. I chose the line as I wanted a set up that was a real pick up and shoot solution for covering a lot of water. I have started to use it on estuaries where standing on the sand bar, I retrieve right up to me i.e 5m of line out, do one roll cast where the line is then 12-15m out, and then do a water haul and shoot. Depending on your casting level you can do 25 -35m casts with minimal effort. Have a look at this clip on a outbound line being cast 120 ft in a parking area with minimal effort.

    So if you are considering a Switch Rod in an effort to minimise false casting then maybe this is an option, instead of forking out more ZARS. Each brand should have an equivalent of the outbound line. Just remember when using a shooting head; keep to the optimum overhang i.e line outside of top guide on final cast, because if overlined your casts will fail mid air. Then line control is also a bit of a ***** because of the thin running line - Cape South Easter can make this a real unpleasant option.

    Just thought its worth mentioning
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