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Thread: TFO rods and Blanks.

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    If you have a look at TFO's website you'll see how they rate the attributes of their different rods. They talk about PRESENTATION, DISTANCE and LIFTING.
    For fishing streams for trout you would probably want a rod with good presentation qualities. For saltwater flats you may be more concerned about distance. For bluewater boat fishing you would want a rod that can lift hard fighting species.

    I would tend to go something like:
    BVK for 3,5,7 (the BVK is a great casting rod, with enough delicacy for close in work)
    Axiom for 9
    TICr-X for 12

    From the TFO website:
    TFO Axiom.jpgTFO BVK.jpgTFO Finesse.jpgTFO TiCrX.jpg
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    Shot KevinE. i was/am keen on the BVK for 3/5/7 and the TiCrx for the 9 and 12wt.
    the 3wt BVK is growing on me and i can hear you on having a softer rod for lighter applications... most of my fishing is pond/ medium dam related for trout.
    My folks in law have a farm that we developing into a B&B and the one border is the edge of the Bell Park dam in the Central Berg. So going to lean as much about this dam as i can. hence the 5 and 7wts. will require long cast so that is why i wanted a fast action/long casting rod.
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