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Thread: Shocking PIC in Leisure Wheels of a Yellow

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    Thanks Jeremy,

    Is this the latest issue: Aug 2012?

    I will send out the troops.......unnaceptable! It is illegal and they need to know
    I think it is August2011, I will check. The photo looks old, because I obviously had to take a picture of it on my cellphone, so it came out badly. I don't want to attack them for this, they just need to be aware of the impact a photo like that can have on the general public.

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    I am not aiming this at the less privaleged or the angler who knew no better that this was a protected species, only the fact that an established company can just plak a picture of an huge endangered fish (and pls don't argue that they arn't because they are ) in their mag to promote some destination or whatever and reap the benefits, without looking into the facts first. If they didn't know, well then they need to rectify and make right!

    I will use a Sterkies FreeSpool angling episode as an example......great show but there were shots of them catching and disturbing spawning fish in some areas. I contacted them privately and explained this to them, also showed them the legal implications of what they broadcast. Immediately they pulled the show, apologising for not knowing they were doing any wrong, given they were with a profound guiding service but to cut a long story short, it has been sorted and the nessesary steps will be taken to broadcast a legal and conservative, yet educational show in future. They were man enough to take the beating.
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    i agree this is not about a subsistence angler its about a comercial publication using that image
    What ever you do never confuse Fishing With catching Fish !!!!
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    But your reasoning has a fatal flaw; it overlooks the fact that to comprehend it requires that one rub a few brain cells against each other. The heat thus generated produces the light that illuminates the fact, but alas, not everybody has the resource required to fuel the process --SG

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