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Thread: Casting aids

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    What sort of wrist straps do you know of or would you recommend for wrist movement on your casting arm? Do theses "gadgets" even work? I've done limited searching but found one by Airflo and Loop master.

    Hope to hear some thoughts on the subject.

    G, from what I have seen you don't need any assistance with casting ;-)
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    Another fairly effective aid, is the rolled up news paper under the arm. Just like the wrist straps, it isnot going to be a great aid for everything to do with casting, but to get used to the forearm and wristy movement that you need for small stream casting, it's usefull in teaching you to get the rod tip moving.
    Place the newspaper under the casting arm, and make short and medium cast without letting it fall out. Practice this, and you will see that it is very effective especially if you are learning how to make stream casts. Too many nocice casters have the arm extended upwards, almost straight, and this results in the arm waving around above their heads, with unimpressive results. Very difficult to bring the wrist movement into this when your arm is straight above the head. Also remember that a good arm posture in casting, is not going to fatigue the arm even after a long time and many casts. If your arm gets very tired quickly, chances are you are doing something wrong. Lots of people have sonme bad mistakes, but are still able to get the desired amount of line out, where a proper cast might not do it much better, but will cause less fatigue.
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    Hi Andre,
    Such a simple idea, but I prefer to up the stakes: - Put a full bottle of expensive scotch under the arm. THEN YOU WILL SEE AND IMPROVEMENT IN TECHNIQUE!!

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