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Thread: Western Cape Leeries in Winter

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    Last year, Overstrand Municipality finally opened the mouth of Hermanus Lagoon. A lot of small leeries entered the lagoon. After a couple of months, the mouth closed again, trapping all those leeries. Now, assuming the local poachers and gill-netters left any, is it worth fishing for them before summer? In other words, would the fish (that have to be there) be feeding through the winter? Does anyone catch leeries in closed esturies out of season?

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    Hi Mike....desperate times calling for desperate measures im sure if u spent time u might get a few fish but I expect the lagoon to be very cold and very brown....
    stephen is wishing he was fishing location x right now.......

    Stephen Smith

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    Went past there on Saturday, very brown very full.
    With some more rain in the coming days, the lagune might open up in the next couple of days again.
    Korrie Broos

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