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    untitled-2342.jpg. A Trout pattern for heavily weeded dams. Note the weedguard, and the bouyant body made of deer keep it up over the weeds. The weedguard is made of 00X maxima ultragreen. The eyes are lightweight plastic. No flash in this one since we fish it to timid fish cruising over weed in high light conditions.

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    Hey, just wanted to thank you for this simple but good looking damsel pattern. I tied a couple up this evening and looking forward to fishing them.

    Here's my version with a darker olive colour. I also mixed a minute amount of crystal dubbing for the head/thorax (not even visible in this particular fly), just because the water I'm planning to fish it in is a bit more murky.

    Do you think this fly will behave well fished with a sinking line too, like a booby, or is it not buoyant enough?

    weed damsel.jpg
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