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    My wife and I spent 2 nights at Bushmanís Kloof earlier this week. The Boontjies and Biedouw Rivers run through the property and they have built a dam on the Boontjies that has a good number of Clanwilliam Yellowfish and Sawfin. I got many Sawfin, a new one for me, and a 40cm Clanwilliam Yellowfish. What a great place, very expensive but they have occasional specials that make a trip more affordable.
    The Biedouw River and the Boontjies can be fished but requires far more effort and due to time restraints I did not try. I did see massive fish in a plunge pool below a waterfall on the Boontjies.
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    Sound good. Any photos of the surrounds, river, lodge etc?
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    A couple of years back, I hosted Kathryn Maroun from What a catch at the Bushman's Kloof Lodge.
    Series #2.
    Got a couple of lovely fish.
    Nothing to big, but I spotted a HUGE monster. In the dam, just cruising, What a sight it was.
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    Best place for photos is It really is a great place, the dam acts as a feeder so there are good numbers of Yellowfish and Sawfin in the streams and rivers in the area. Spotted some big fish in the Boontjies river in a pool below a waterfall.


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