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    Had another go for the makos on Sunday. Took a while to get any interest but after about 3 hours first up was a good blue shown sniffing at the berley bag - but it was not keen to eat - and then disappeared - to be replaced by a mako in the 80kg range. One or two passes and that too disappeared - and up popped the one pictured - not ideal...wanted smaller but what the heck.

    As usual the bite was slow, measured and controlled, passed the fly once, turned and ate, corner of mouth hookup and fish headed out in front of the boat.

    Realised it was hooked around 30m out and hit the gas - fast - pulled off 50m in next to no time and went airborne big time. Spun the boat around and backed down getting back 20 - 30m and again it took off - 50m or so and airborne....after third time it sounded and peeled off 100m or so straight down.....slowed and stopped, managed to turn it and get 10 - 20m back and then the tippet popped. Was fishing a Colton 1315 on a TFO BW HD rod...first fish on the Colton and have been interested to see how it would perform. A bit hard to observe and critique a reel while connected to a decent chunk of fish but initial comments are as follows:

    No startup inertia
    Smooth drag throughout
    felt both sides of the reel, drag and other side cover - no heat whatsoever, so the claims of their drag set up being able to dissipate heat appear true and correct...maybe cork is not the only way to go anymore with new materials and designs coming out...

    Granted I did not have a huge amount of drag on due lighter tippet being used but am happy with how it felt and confident it will handle the next good fish that we raise. Very smooth is what strikes me most - I know it can pull a lot of drag, more than most way more expensive reels, as have tested it on scales so am looking forward to the next one.

    Some pics att.

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    Awesome post! Must be adrenaline rush to fell that thing opening the taps. Well done.

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    Great post and great fish to target!!


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