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Thread: Anyone fish Lake Naverone?

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    Default Anyone fish Lake Naverone?

    Anyone who has fished the main dam and the umzinkulu river here?
    I would greatly appreciate a contact that i could chat to regarding naverone.
    Please email me on or cell: 083 7766319

    many thanks

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    The lake itself isn't huge, its 23 Hectares, so close of 50 acres, but there is a fair amount of bank access around 2/3 to 3/4 of the lake, as well as a good number of well situated jetties to fish off.
    A Kickboat or Float tube would be best though, and they have boats you can use too.

    Best areas for fishing can vary, but I've always had a great fondness for the shallows up on the opposite end of the dam from the wall... Depending on the season and such, there are great weedbanks which you can fish the margins of, and the little inlet is home to a few serious fish...

    You've gotta be pretty sneaky up in this area, but fishing damsels or Dragons and nymph patterns along the edges of the weedbanks on long leaders with strike indicators and patience can really pay off...

    Like most Natal Lakes/Dam, the good old Mrs Simpson will produce for you if the fishing is slow, but the guys who put the time in with imitative patterns really get best results.

    Along the wall there is a lot of deep water, and I've had incredible fishing late afternoon early evening off the wall fishing black beadhead nymphs and woolly worm variants fishing from the deep up into the shallow off the bank. Be wary of the late strikes as I've lost a large number of fish and flies to trout hitting the fly as you're about to lift it out for the next cast...

    I haven't fished much on the new lakes and ponds on the property, but they should be fishing well by now.

    Another thing to look out for or the Grass Carp in the main lake... they are HUGE!!! And if you spook them in the shallows they charge out like a herd of Hippos and it feels like they are going to flip your kickboat... they are upwards of 20 kilos most of them.... you can often spot them cruising on the surface in shoals up to 20 fish.... A few have recently been taken on fly, generally pale green Damsels (or other algae imitations and mayflies).... I just wanted to tell you about them so as you don't spend hours and hours casting to what you think is a world record size trout...

    If you've got a floating and intermediate set up, 3 to 6 weight , those will serve you best...

    Keep your eyes open when walking round the lake, as you'll often see cruising fish in the shallows along weed banks, and with careful presentations, you can pick these buggers off nicely.

    If you want some info on whats working when you are there, chat to the manager, or ask to speak to the owner, he fishes plenty, and usually has an idea of whats going on..

    Hope this helps, enjoy the trip, its a beautiful place.

    Also don't forget that Naverone has 7km of Umzimkulu tributary on it as well. Its a lovely stretch of water, definitely worth fishing.


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