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Thread: Where to fish small streams in the 'Berg this weekend (02-04 Nov)?

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    Default Where to fish small streams in the 'Berg this weekend (02-04 Nov)?

    Need to fish small streams the whole of this coming weekend (preferably in the 'Berg).

    The Bushmans is 100% occupied.

    Any suggestions where else to fish & stay?

    Brown trout preferred.
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    hi Gary

    the little Mooi is a nice river with Browns...not as easy as the Bushmans, but worth a visit. not sure where to stay for that though...
    also the mooi is an option in the kamberg area.
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    Hi Gary,

    Why not try Riverside cottages, fished there in the past and had some good fun
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    Give the guys at wildfly a call,they know all the availavblity of the streams in the berg.I would say riverside aswell,but there are places like injusuthi aswell.

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    Lotheni, Vergelegen. If you decide to fish the Mooi, stay away from Kamberg Reserve you will only waste your time. Riverside just below the reserve is a better bet as is some of the NFFC waters, if you can get a member to join you for the day.

    If I were you Gary, I would stay close to Giants Castle at Snowy Mountain or one of those lodges close by. Then I would actually drive out every day and fish the Bushmans. Inside the reserve there is plenty water to go by, without even seeing anyone else on the water. Close to the gate you are most likely to catch more Bows than Browns, but the further you go the more you will cash in on the Browns.

    Past the Chalets the river bends to the right and then it forks. Take the right fork and climb over those massive boulders. Here the fishing gets very interesting as it's a one cast one fish per pool scenario. The going here gets tough, but the rewards are sublime.

    You can also give Injusuthi a shot, here the fishing might actually be too easy for you as you hook into plenty of those smallish fish you do not like catching. In March Daryl Human and I landed 50 fish between the two of us in 3 hours. We caught anything and everything between 10cm to 25cm fish. This is a Rainbow stream and here I would take the right fork past the chalets into the mountains.

    Another option would be to either stay in Bergville or Escourt as you are very central to fish a whole bunch of venues over that weekend. Just don't go and fish Cathedral as I received news that most the fish washed down with the recent rain and that there isn't a single fish in sight.

    For the Bushmans, Injustuthi and Lotheni you can't go wrong with little Elk Hair Caddises. Just Hackle and a Wing, they smash iteven when it goes just under the surface film.

    Hope you find a spot


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