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Thread: Only the Vaal?

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    Default Only the Vaal?

    A little while ago, can't remember the thread, but Korrie tried to motivate us, those kept complaining about the Vaal, (Same old Same old) and said "Guys there are so many streams and tributeries that flow into the Vaal!!!, how many of you guys took his advice and started looking? I did!, and guess what?. I went with a good mate of mine fishing last week,(during the week), we both caught yellows in about 15cm water, the stream/river at it's widest was perhaps 5m wide and at the deepest, just passed knee depth at the deepest, And Guess What???, all this in less than a couple of hundred meters from the Vaal.(PS. there were a few riffles and glides, I am not talking about smooth water and we caught yellows nymphing). THANKS KORRIE!!!... Did Korrie motivate and excite anyone else to search/find less fished waters and then fish them?. If so, any storyes to tell?

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    Korrie was just "fishing" for new spots....

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    .....wanting info for a new masterclass course.
    Gerrit Viljoen

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    Hi Mark
    Glad I motivated you.
    I have had quite a few guys, who have emailed me and thanked me for "new and interesting waters"
    As Mark said, there is so many little tribs of tribs going into the Vaal that have plenty of fish.
    Somme of the tribs have fish of up to 3 or 4kg. There are numerous stories of guys, on a #3 rod etc that have been running at full tilt after a BIG Yellow on these tiny streams. A big SM yellow in a shallow water, when hooked, knows only one way, as far and as long and as fast as possible. With some of the guys relating stories, I would have LOVED to see them running thru the highveld grass, with rod up, after a SM yellow. Epic stuff made for movies.
    Korrie Broos

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    Korrie has lead me to some small streams, They are just B***dy far from Vandervbijl.

    It;s cool to run along tha bank after a fish, untill you run into a poplar grove which extends right down to the bank. Then it's either turn the fish or take the 3meter jump into the water and then chase it.

    I must search for some closer to home.
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