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Thread: Durban in early jan where to go fly fish

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    Default Durban in early jan where to go fly fish

    Hi guys I'm going to durban in early january.where do I go ,would any body be willing to let me tag along and show me ur coast I really want to catch a kingie on doesn't have to be huge.any help will be greatful

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    Default Kingie bash....

    judging from your "profile pic" i'd say you got a great one there... January (mid summer) is peak kingie time here on the east coast. You'll find shoals of (juvenile) kingies at most rocky outcrops, or shallow bays, just keep searching. Yellow fins and Big Eyes are most popular, they aggressive on the take, and are great fun on a 7 weight rod. Crazy Charlies in chartrause work best or even a Salty Bugger. Popular spots to the South of Durban, is the Bluff, wonderful rocky zone, abundant young Kingies, and you might hit into some Shad (elf) early in the morning. Further north, try Shielfield Beach a haven "nursery" zone, with a huge variety of species. Just be careful to wear a good pair of "Rockys" cos those rocks are deadly... In Durban central you will have to fish hard at the Blue Lagoon mouth for a decent size kingie, hard work but results are satisfing. Try the harbour, Yacth Mould, on the low tide, wade to the drop off, you'll have fun throwing your line there, or on a full high at sunset, try at the point for a guaranteed take from a "Springer".. You will have great fun, i'm certain. Remember Kingies bite best on the upcoming, and love to conceal themselves in the churning water. Last one for the "juice up", should you have the stamina and your "double hauls" are mastered, then on a strong north easterly(20/30 Knots), on the up coming, pull out that 10/12 weight, tie on a nice 10cm deceiver, and go hunt for a prize, 5kg plus kingies are out in force.... There you go mate, "make your day"... Have fun and let us know all about it. 9


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