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Thread: General middle-vaal emergency procedures

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    Default General middle-vaal emergency procedures

    I guess I was in a bit of a paranoid state the night before my last visit to the Vaal, and I kept on wondering about all sorts of worse case scenarios involving animals, from spider bites to crocs escaping from that farm near Deneysville and somehow making their way over to Eendekuil...

    I thought it might be good to have a thread on general emergency procedures when fishing the Vaal.

    In this case I was specifically wondering where I would need to go if I got bitten by a puff adder. Where is the nearest hospital that will treat these kind of things? (Assume I'm fishing anywhere from YFP to Eendekuil to Ben-Joh; anywhere below the barrage or around Parys I guess)

    I was thinking of snake bites, but feel free to discuss any emergency procedures one might need to follow if something happened on the Vaal, or just share general safety tips if you have any.
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    The closest Hospital is in Parys I guess with Potchefstroom or Vanderbijl Park another option.
    Gerrit Viljoen

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    No real substitute for expert medical treatment. Having had a bit to do with a couple of snake bites, i would get a friend (or drive myself) to Millpark Hospital asap if bitten by a venomous snake on the middle vaal. You need to be in a facility that has experience with snake bites, or the DRs can easily do more damage than the snake venome (there are some cowboys out there .. google Fasciotomy). However, with the venomous snakes in the midvaal area (puff adder, rinkhals) you will have time to get to an appropriate facility. Going down to the lower vaal area you start encountering cape cobras (especially if you fish lillydale!). If bitten by one of these need be stabalised on a resperator asap (or at least within 20 min) or you will not be in a position to drive yourself anywhere ... or even tell anyone what happened!

    Having said that, chance of a snake bite while fishing is remote, a much bigger risk is drowning ... be careful out there, especially in hign flows.


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