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Thread: Sterkfontein weather question

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    Default Sterkfontein weather question

    Hi all

    I am contemplating going to Sterkfontein this weekend (my first time). However, looking at the weather forecast, it would appear that the heatwave is disappearing into some cold over the weekend, with temp's dropping from the current 30's to 15-20 degrees. Even a bit of rain predicted.

    Now I need to decide whether to rather postpone the trip

    I don't mind fishing in bad weather and changing tactic accordingly, but will this sudden change in weather affect the fishing in a negative way?

    Any advice will be appreciated


    ps we will be fishing from a boat

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    Hi Spinner

    If the weather is cold and wet it will adversely affect the fishing, the wind forecast is also important as it can ruin a weekends fishing if you can't even put the boat in the water. Especially if you are at the campsite as the chop as you go around the cliffs is usually the roughest water of the dam.

    Overcast conditions will also hamper your sight fishing ability. Ideally you want a NW light wind, with a stable high pressure system and clear skies.

    That being said, Sterkies is in the berg and I have found very little correlation between what wind finder says and what you actually experience on the water!

    If it was me I would probably postpone until the following weekend (just looked at the forecast) if I could.


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