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Thread: Looking to buy 10ft 3 or 4wt Rod

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    I have fished the Infinity for about 2 years. Lovely rod, eventually got a ESN as well.
    Infinity was a bit faster, which has it's advantages, i.e. heavier nymphs, bigger water etc
    Both cast a three quarter fly line with ease etc.

    I don't know the XF2, but my suggestion is fish both rods for a day, preferably, directly after each other, as you might start of the day, not liking a rod, but after 2 or 3 hours, you find the sweet spot, and "understand" the rod's action, then make a decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean Bence View Post
    If you had to choose between the XF2 and the infinity for general river work in the Cape. Dry, Nymph, Dry/Dropper etc all round rod, which would you go for?
    For an all round good performance, i would choose the XF2. Super action, beautiful rod. Love it.
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    Hi saml,

    Have you considered an Orvis Helios 2 10' Tip Flex 4-Weight, great rod for nymphing and dry fly fishing, although that is if your pocket can support it cause you won't find it in SA but you can order it directly from Orvis which ships it quite quick to SA.

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