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Thread: Yellow Fish in KZN midlands.

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    Ja, I normally fish under an indicator. Set the indicator to roughly the depth of the water and a half. So if the water is 1 meter deep, set your indicator at 1.5m. I also usually fish multiple flies on various rigs. Something heavy to get the flies down and them some lightly weighted flies.
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    hey guys

    something to remember with natal scalies, is they actively hunt for food too. so if you find a big deep pool, you can fish it with #10 - #16 black/olive buggers with some good success. fish a 2 or 3 fly rig with the bigger bugger at the end, and on the dropper lines put a #12 - #16 hares ear in natural/black with a small bead and a hotspot ptn or anything you like. fish the pool slowly, takes are usually positive doing this.

    Lions river is good too - the big yellows are very sly so smaller flies and long leaders this time of the year if the water isnt too dirty. smaller yellows are more willing and you can nymph or strip small nymphs/buggers in the deeper water for them.

    umko is good, even in winter - same tactics as above have worked well for me.

    Just keep fishing and trying haha. you'll work something out
    bushveld scalies - worth the blood, sweat and tears

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