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    Hi All. Been an avid fisherman all my life. In my younger days it was "pap gooi" at Harties with the occasional trip to Ponta da Oura with mates doing some ski boating. The the war in Moz messed that up. Continued at Harties and then got married and had family so things quieten down substancially, but managed the odd trip to Kariba and a few private dams around Pretoria. Now the family grown up and I have grandkids and I have gone back to fishing but practically exclusively Art Lure. Been to Belfast a few times and done some fly fishing. Also a few trips to Middelburg and caught yellows there on a fly. I am not a very good fisherman but do enjoy it. I have now semi retired and go away much more often. A few mates and I have booked to go to the Richtersveld in August. We will be staying at De Hoop. If anyone got any tips for the Richtersveld these would be welcome

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    Hi Rodsbike,

    Welcome here, if you do a search for Rhictersveld, you will find loads of information. We have stayed at De Hoop and it is just one of the most memorable trips I have ever had with some epic fishing.


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