I am going to Zanzibar with my girlfriend in 28-03-2013 And i am looking for a little, or alot of help since i am from Sweden and new to Salt water fly fishing fishing.

So all hints regarding were to go or equippment and especially Tactics are wery welcome since i have never seen a reef, drop offs or flats before.

I found some old threads regarding Zanzibar, but i wonder if anyone have some more recent information.
I am going to travel over the island for 8 days and it would be great to get to the right places insted of
just taking chanses.

I got Guideline RSV2 saltwater rod 9 9# and the same in 9 7#
Airflow dept finder 7.5 inch per sec 300 grain And airflow ridge topical clear tip in #7 and #9
200 meters of 30lbs backing on a guideline reelmaster 9/10 whit an extra spool.

I Got som leader and tippet material, and some shocktippets and titaniumwires but i am not
really sure how i should tied them.

I have ben tying Clousers in size 1# and 2/0 in every coulors And some poppers in large and
small sizes.

Best regards Mattias Tight lines, And as we says up in the north: Shitty Fishing on you