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    A brief report from Port Stephens – fished up there for the last 2 weeks – to say fishing was uncharacteristically hard is an understatement – usually we get at least 6 – 8 shots a day this time of year. A combination of current, temp, small bait, and generally crap conditions has cut that down drastically, and the run of small blacks that were expected, have not yet eventuated, not that we really target them anyway, preferring the larger stripeys.

    Let’s hope things change soon.

    Have put up a couple of pics of a nice fly caught stripey last week – around 70kg. Using Colton Torrent 1315 reel and TFO BW HD rod. Teased and switched perfectly to gobble the fly off the rigged teaser and it was game on !

    Again the Colton proved it’s worth during an active and drag intensive fight, first up high having line pulled off at a rate of knots and then slugging it out deep down – smooth as can be with zero start up inertia and a lot of grunt where required. On checking drag after the fight it was bang on 3kg and would have been pulling up to 5kg in the up-and-down phases which is still way below what it is capable of. Good gear !



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    Good job, I'm green with envy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scythe View Post
    Good job, I'm green with envy.
    Me too! Except for the finger... :tongue:
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    Great post!


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