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Thread: Eastco this Sunday 24 Feb

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    Default Eastco this Sunday 24 Feb

    Hi all, any thoughts on what Eastco will be like this weekend? Never been and not sure how current flow rates will impact Eastco?

    Any recommendations on alternatives if Eastco is not going to be good? Would PREFER not to drive TOO much further - idea is to nip down Sunday morning but can only leave around 9am so don't want to drive for 2 hours+!


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    Put a report up on the Vaal update thread page 466 I think it was. Must say, hard day's fishing for only moderate reward. I enjoyed it but would have liked to have caught more fish considering the effort expended! Fished from 11.30am to 6.30pm with almost no breaks. Tried multiple flies, multiple depths, and just got very little back.

    It's hard fishing like that and the wading at Eastco is "tricky" - LOTS of smooth rocks that are ultra slippery! Managed to slip and fall onto a rock and pulled my thumbnail half off!


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