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    Hey Guys

    This past weekend i went out to Dunkeld in Dullstroom for a much needed break.
    When we arrived on Friday afternoon i could not wait to get my rod in the water
    and after all the advice i had gotten i was feeling very confident, but two hours later
    not even on bite so i was very confused on what i was doing wrong.

    Saturday morning i was up at 5 to go and try a couple of the other dams, and then
    eventually i caught i little rainbow, which boosted my confidence that there was actually
    fish in these waters.
    Then decided to go into Dullies to Mavungana and see what they recommended, and also
    to get myself waders, so a couple of hundred rand later we heade back.By this time it was
    midday and very hot but i wanted to try out the flies i had just got.Back on the water with
    a Blood worm flie on the end of my line, first cast i caught a little rainbow, then second cast
    had another one. But then slowed down after that so desided to try out the Black Aggrivator
    i got and once again first and second cast i had two fish then nothing there after.

    i got told to try out night fishing as that is when all the big fish come out and hunt,
    so much to my wifes dismay. I head out at about 7pm to try my luck so tried a white death
    first and no luck, then put on an Olive Wooly Bugger and after two or three casts i caught
    a fearly big rainbow, so after that i was happy and headed back to the chalet.

    But all in all it was an amazing weekend.

    P.S. Thanks very much to all the guys who gave me much needed advice.
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