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Thread: A Day on the Elands

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    Default A Day on the Elands

    Over the past few months have a occasionally fished the river and although I see many good sized fish in the rapids I have had little success other than a small number of very small fish.

    Yesterday I fished the river for the day, I caught perhaps 15 fish, most very small, like 150-200mm.

    Also some small Bass and a number of pretty little Vlei Kurper.

    I also got three larger fish of between 300 and 700g.

    I had a double catch of a small Bass and Yellowfish and double up on two occasions with Yellowfish, once with two 250mm or so fish, one of these came loose and once with two fish of around 400g, one of these snapped my tippet and I landed the other.

    When the fish are being fought there is always a school of fish of a similar size following the caught fish.

    At the end of the day there was a good evening rise, I tried a Klinkhammer with a nymph below but with no luck.

    All in all a very pleasant days fishing.

    I've attached some photos.
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    Nice to see the little guys Max and nice conditions
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    Good to see so many small fish, they are breeding well, there are thousands of them swimming around.

    Pitty about the Bass though, I did murder quite a few.

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    Water looks pretty clear. I would really like to try to get up there some time...

    Love smallstream fishing!
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    Yes, make a plan to get here.

    The visibility must be over a meter at the moment.

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    Which Elands river is this Fontuin?

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    Elands River in Gauteng.

    It Rises to the East of Pretoria near to Rayton and then flows North West in to Rust de Winter Dam, Renostrekop Dam and then joins the Olifants River at Arabie Dam.

    The area that I fish is upstream of Rust de Winter.


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