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    Hey Everyone

    This is a blog I have been reading with much interest over the past month:
    (Start on 'DAY 1' and read to 'In Conclusion')

    One American and one Canadian who flew over to Oman for two weeks in search of Permit. It really is a great read, and quite interesting to see the perspective of people who haven't been here before about what Oman is like. As I have in the past, they identified how bad the commercial fishing is and how there is such a need for some type of monitoring here.

    There is also a cracking video about their trip:

    Kudos to them for taking 2 weeks to explore the arse end of, of course, all I want to do is go back there, especially as yesterday it felt like the summer was coming back with revenge on its mind......

    Still searching.....still searching.....

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    Very nice.
    Looks like they had a lot of fun and fooling around, being not to serious.
    Exploring the local sites and the barber was good to see.
    Just 2 mates having fun making memories.
    " Not tonight baby! I gotta fly"


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