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Thread: Hi guys

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    With plastic bead chains wonder if that fly will even turn over?????
    Gerrit Viljoen

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    Hey guys,

    Just got back from a shop in george, noticed some rods within my price range but they were all 7ft - 8ft weighted 5/6. going for 250 - 450.

    I was wondering for my first rod should i rather look for a 6ft rod or would 8ft be alright?

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    8 is great, 9 is fine, 10 is the perfect number.
    Korrie Broos

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    Hi James,

    Based on the rod and reel you have already purchased I suggest the following to get you going:

    - next time you are at the fishing shop, buy a couple of blood worm flies and a small plastic float - about the size of a 5c piece
    - tie the blood worm fly onto your line, attach the float about 80cm above this
    - cast near the carp if you can see them and wait for the float to move.

    you will be fishing with flies but not fly fishing. I started "fly" fishing like this when i was about 5 and it worked just fine. When you can afford it, buy a proper fly rod, reel and line and learn how to cast. Don't waste your time trying to fly fish with the wrong gear, you will only frustrate yourself.
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