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Thread: Mozambique: Xai-Xai and Inhaca Island

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    During a kuier in Hermanus over one of the past long weekends in a conversation about budget traveling destinations I pointed out that Mozambique is one of the best budget destinations where one can experience 'n tropical holiday without breaking the bank. On Tuesday morning I got an call from a friend, who enjoyed the conversation in Hermanus, asking me to help her plan a trip to Mozambique and inviting me and my girlfriend along.

    After making sure she was not joking I started to ask the obvious questions...when?, where?, how many?, etc. So for the past two days we planned the basics. 2-9 April 2014 is what suited everybody best. Xai-Xai and Inhaca Island as the destinations of choice. Mainly because she and her husband will be driving from George to Johannesburg from where we will head for Mozambique. So not to far South where one is in our extra province aka "Ponto do Ouro" and not to far North that would add logistical hurdles. We have already narrowed our choices for accommodation by way of elimination. leaving us with two places to choose from in Xai-Xai and Manico camp as our accommodation on Inhaca. We are currently on R2450 pp including accomodation for 7 nights, fuel costs for 1828km that is from and to JHB (working on R13/l with 12 km's/l fuel consumption), Borderpost costs, Ferry to Inhaca, Island taxi and the costs for safe parking when on Inhaca.

    1828 km's

    We will be spending five nights at Xai-Xai and from there head to Maputo park the car and head for Inhaca via Nhelety the Goverment ferry. As mentioned we will spend two nights on the Island at Manico Camp (Point A on map below). Before you say two nights is to short! Inhaca was initially not one of the destinations, but after telling them about the beauty and wonderful experience (something I only till date read about) of the Island and that it was one of my dream fishing locations, the group said we can not let the opportunity pass us by. Plus it fitted our target budget. Which was R3000pp excl. food and other activities.

    The Ferry
    Manico Camp

    In terms of activities the possibilities are endless without breaking the bank. Snorkeling, sight seeing by foot, beach fun, the blow-hole, Welena Tidal pool and enjoying the local vibe (I remember on my last trip to Macaneta Island we helped locals row there nets out) is planed for Xai-Xai. At Inhaca with its 1500 different fish species, there is some more snorkeling to be done, definitely the Coral Gardens. The Lighthouse and a trip to the Portuguese Island is also in the mix. Of course there will be lots of fishing from my side!!! Luckily my girlfriend is keen on fishing (even though she only started to get the hang of casting not so long a go). Otherwise, she wanders off in a book.

    I plan on fishing the reef and shoreline at Xai-Xai. Seeing that this is a budget holiday, boats and expensive offshore trips will have to wait for next time. At Inhaca I plan on fishing Hell's Gate, Santa Maria and likely spots along the shore. With only two days on the Island I will use the one day to fish from Manico to Hell's gate and the next day maybe Santa Maria(heard the shore fishing there is good). I am also aware of another good fishing spot near Inhaca, the Big dropoff. I have read all the threads about both areas. All of them are from a time when colgate was still white!

    If you have been to any off those places lately and wouldn't mind sharing some fresh info, please do! Any other pointers, fishing spot, GPS co-ordinates would be much appreciated!!!

    I will be targeting: Bluefin Kingfish (basically all kingfish, but Bluefin is at the top of the list), Bonefish, Pompano(Moonfish), Trigger fish, Garfish and any other fish that would go for the fly. Flies I will be dunking are: clousers, poppers, decievers, SF minnows, crab patterns, shrimp patterns (Doug McKnights Crimp) and squid patterns.

    TWELVE months away and I'm already struggling to sleep. In these twelve I will refine my planning strategy to make it one unforgettable trip!!! I will be updating the thread as things progress an there will certainly be a good report when I am back.
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    awesome stuff Johan

    sounds like it's going to be great fun!
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