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Thread: Fishing at "The Cavern"

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    Hey all, next week I find myself in the lucky position of staying at the Cavern in the 'Berg for a week. I know they have some dams there though it SOUNDS like they could be the type managed to allow lighties to catch plenty of fish of dubious size if you get my drift!

    Any thoughts on what the fishing there is like and/or if there are other dams or streams in the area worth paying a visit to? I won't have the luxury of fishing for hours as this is a family holiday but a few hours every day or two will be on the cards.

    Cheers for any suggestions or input!

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    going to be pretty chilly ....

    But if you up for it the little stream that flows past Cavern & alpine heath is rumoured to have trout ...

    It definatley has scallies (natal yellow fish) ... although at this time of year fishing for yellowfish would be hard work. Maybe PM Brian (willaby) ... i seem to recall he had some good scally fishing in that area.

    The most reliable stream trout fishing would be in the next valley (Royal Natal National Park). Both the Mahai & thugela have good fishing for wild rainbow trout.

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    Just a quick report back. Fished about 3 or 4 hours in total at what they refer to as their "Top dams" which were supposedly the best ones. I started off making a mistake and fished at the wrong dam the first morning and caught several little stockies - hand sized.

    Later I found the correct dams and fished hard but caught just one fish about 700g. So fishing was a bit ho-hum but it was a lovely spot.

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    Cavern Dam - small.jpg
    Fishing as you look up to the sandstone cliffs

    Cavern Sunrise.jpg
    Early bird catches...something!?


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