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Thread: Hunting fish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johan Janse van Rensburg View Post
    Korrie tell us a bit more about the tactics. what leader, how, where etc.. etc...
    You should have done the Pascal Cognard course.
    Korrie Broos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johan Janse van Rensburg View Post
    Until now I didn't have any photos of a section of stream that would be helpful for this thread so after working near one today I couldn't let the opportunity pass by. This is not the best piece but it was the one that came out best after the 2 min photo shoot. On past outings it did produce some nice strong fish. So here we go....

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    For this little section the target is trout and redfin. The flow is almost non-existent when the river is this low. I would approach from a downstream position and fish mostly the areas indicated with red lines and ovals. the orange oval is also a target area. the mark on the left hand side of the picture is waterboat men going in circles. when approaching I will keep right behind the palmiet and fish the lip and up until half way mark of the first red line and then move a bit more left, keeping low, and fish til the end of the red line pushing the fly snug against the palmiet. I would either use a dry dropper or strip a small streamer through. I will not enter the water and keep low on the left bank fishing the orange oval and moving on to the head of the pool, marked with the red oval. if I did not spook any fish or didn't get any takes. I would drift or cast a small streamer downstream stripping it upstream as close as possible to the palmiet. Flies of choice would be #14 stimulator and a #14-16 tungsten bead PTN or zak for the dry dropper combo. Small streamer would be a #10-12 woolybugger of a blobfly.

    Feel free to add anything or tell me if my approach was wrong and what you would do differently!
    For water that thin I think #14 dries are like fishing bass poppers. Go small cdc mayfly dries size 18-20 and unweighted nymphs (brass bead or maybe glass bead or normal old style pheasant tail nymph) in size 18 should do the trick. Tungsten beads will simply make to big of a splash if the fish are spooky (and they probably will be in that water). My approach would be to fish only a dry first and if you don't get takes add a dropper. You have less chance of spooking a fish with a couple of drifts of a small dry than with a couple of drifts with a dry/dropper.

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