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Thread: Yellowstone Angler's 2013 5 Weight Rod Shootout

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    I have a ESN #3.
    For me, it is the ideal weight.
    Enough back bone for the heavier flies, light enough to cast a small or big dry, with a very long leader and very long tippet.
    Good for windy conditions, SUPERB for windless conditions.
    Korrie Broos

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    Quote Originally Posted by saflyfish View Post
    Hey Gary,you are correct,that quote did not come from the latest shootout.It was a comment made by George A before the release of the 2013 final results.I am a die hard sage fan,and overall Sage make the best rods in the world.Best casting,best looking & best service.I havnt tried the new Sage One 5wt unfortunately.Here in Durban no one has these rods so i cant even test cast it.I do find the poor placing of the sage a bit strange though.The Compleat Angler did a 5wt shootout last year and the Sage One tied first??Then i found that Reds Flyshop in the USA also had a 5wt shootout,and yes you guessed right,the Sage One 5wt won that one too??I definately want a Sage One but at 8K its a hectic price!
    The yellowstone shootouts are very well planned & properly documented. They try to be VERY objective in their shootout.
    NOTE - they consider LOTS of factors, including warranty, price, etc. If you ONLY care about casting (and at specific distances), then you need to read the results of the CASTING portions separately and do your won maths.
    TCFF did not fish all the rods that Yellowstone did. The Reds Flyshop test was based on CUSTOMER feedback - have a closer look at the results. Customers are likely to be less objective, and will more likely rate rod brands they LIKE over how rods actually perform.

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