Ya, agree to it all....it all due to the geology of the Cape mountains that maskes our fishing like this. The geology influences everything evertwhere.
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On the Henry's you had better match the hatch otherwise you have no chance. Problem is there are sometimes 2 or 3 hatches coming off simultaneously and you are unsure as to which one (or both) the trout are keyed onto. Sometimes the flies are tiny and black and the second fly acts as a spotter for the first. A typical combo would be a BWO in size 14 with a 20 PMD. Downstream dead drift.

Dean R told me, before I went, that the trout there have PhD's. if anything, that's an understatement.

Coming back to our streams one realises how simple our rainbows are to catch. Presentation and more or less the right fly.

See a black caddis running around on the rocks? Use you black CDC&Elk.
See a mayfly flying aound? Try an appropriate Klinkhammer or para-dun pattern.
Dunno what I'm talking about? Use a RAB or DDD or Humpy
Too difficult to get presentation right? Use a nymph or streamer.