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Thread: LATEX some ideas please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korrie View Post
    I got a sheat of medical latex 450 x 450 x 1mm.
    I am not too sure what I will be tying with it, but I can think of a couple of possible applications.
    I am not too sure how well it will stand up to long term in the fly box, UV etc.
    The color is ivory, so to color it with permanent markers is possible.

    Lets see with what ideas fellow forumers can suggest, on possible use in fly tying.
    Don't like that it perishes. Rather use Tyvek paper in place of latex in many applications in fly-tying.
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    Perhaps, then you must get an "oral dam", much thicker than gloves and condoms. If you dont know what it is, google it.
    I have tries latex as body streach on caddis immitations, and control flies, and it doesnt last, gets scuffed up on rocks and breaks after a few casts, not ideal for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Korrie View Post
    To thin, the latex gloves, the thickness of this is what I am after.
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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    Having touched and stretched the latex a bit, and cut it a bit, the legs and pinchers of my crab pattern might be a good option.
    The latex has the right feel, will have movement etc.
    You can cut out the perfect crab legs,With some permanent markers and color it in, and tie it onto the hook.
    With a serious cold front coming thru, this might be the weekend project.
    Korrie Broos

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