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Thread: Cleaning & restoring a cork grip

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    Default Cleaning & restoring a cork grip

    Some of my older rods cork handles have really got can i clean them?ive heard using methylated spirits on cloth can clean them up nicely...any ideas?
    Secondly,some of the grips are beyond just cleaning..can a cork handle be restored?or replaced?

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    Good old warm soapy sunlight liquid and a nail scrubbing brush if you have to. Personally I like to leave my cork handles alone, it lends to the character of the rod. Like a nick on a favourite reel, once there, there's very little you can do about it, so I learnt to live with the battle scars on my equipment and got on with my fishing.....and found myself enjoying it all the more.
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    I agree with Chris on how to clean it. I did it that way once and it worked.
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    I have used very smooth sandpaper on my handles before and that work very well.


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