Luckily you encountered him in the shop Mark, and not on the streams........
Besides, the licensing requirement is a Cape nature thing, and not the CPS. The CPS only rents the access from CN, and therefore has the right to allow its members to fish there. But you knew this..
Take for example, the alien black mussels along the coast. They are very alien, but still subject to lisence requirements. Just because something is alien, doesnt make it free game.
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Following on from the circular forum dicussion, it played out in real life before my very own eyes! I just had the "Personification of Frustration" in the shop... Hooooly Cr@p what an idiot! It started off with his fairly neutral "Do you need a license to fish for trout," quickly followed by a "But why - they're alien aren't they?" Needless to say it progressed to "Why do you have to go through the CPS to fish the trout streams" and "They can't tell me I can't keep the fish I catch," "It's all just a money-making racket" all the way through to "I'll just fish where and when and how I want and let's see who tells me otherwise." My responses started with the friendly and helpful "Trout fisheries in the Cape are managed and administered by the CPS for the benefit of all," through "Why would you want to catch and eat trout if the shop is full of prefectly good hake" and ended up somewhere in the region of "Quite frankly, sir, trout are classy fish and you're too much of a dick to qualify to fish for them." Sorry if I let the team down, but right now I'm of the opinion that if all men were created equal, some of them have done a fine job of sliding backwards! If following the rules equals being a snob, then long live the snobs!