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    Its been ages since I have made a post, and even longer since my last visit to waters.

    I'm of to Renanda trout resort (or something like that?) close to Dullstroom. As you might know I'm not that fond of troot, but the lack of fishing has made me desperate... Jokes. We have a mates bachelors there this weekend. I'm guessing from the lack of info on the web and the fact that they'll allow a bachelor party to be thrown for an entire weekend that they aren't the most exclusive trout lodge and my chance of landing a 10 pounder is quite slim.

    Any comments on this venue?

    Should I leave the rod at home and pack extra rum? (now I sound like the papgooiers on Sealine, I'll pack Whiskey instead...)


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    Nothing beats the guffaws you will enjoy when you have to unhook an embedded bugger from one of your mates while innebriated.

    A Bachelors is not a Bachelors unless there are injuries which will become the subject matter of decades of ridicule and amusement at the expense of one of your mates.

    Take your kit!
    "Hierdie drol het baie vlieŽ" - Ago 2014.


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