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Thread: Bucktail vs Synthetic

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    Default Bucktail vs Synthetic

    I have mostly been tying all my salt water flies with synthetic.i find it much easier to work with,however the bucktail sometimes gives the fly a much 'broader' profile,which you sometimes dont get with the synthetic.

    I have seen guys being very selective when choosing bucktail,sometimes going thru everyone in the flyshop and not being happy with any of them.I find that the bucktail flares very easily.i know if you tie the first couple of turns to tight it will do this.

    Are there any suggestions that could help when it comes to tying with the bucktail?
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    hi stephen
    the hairs at the top section of the bucktail are generally used as they don't flare as much as those on the bottom section of the bucktail. i have even seen guys throw that section away being on a budget i use it all. i find the flare does give for a bushier profile. i tied some hollow fleys of bob popovich (sp) and they came out brilliant and i used the bottom section of the hairs.
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