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Thread: Billfish Rig - Advice Please

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    Default Billfish Rig - Advice Please

    Hi Guys,
    I still have a bill fish on fly on my "bucket list".
    Setting up my first 12wt and need some advice.
    I have put 600m of 50lb braid backing on a new Shilton SL7.
    What fly line would you suggest? I have been looking at Rio "Tarpon Short" line or Rio "Leviathan Floating" - both are short (30ft) lines.
    Next - Terminal Tackle - any suggestions for leaders - I'm not interested in IGFA records, just good leader with abrasion resistance for the bill. What about fluorocarbon?
    Next question - flies - I believe tube flies are more popular now. Any suggestions on size, type, colour, hooks, etc.

    Any other advice welcome.


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    The fly line is easy.
    RIO Leviathan - don't go floating.
    The reason is you want the fly and line to sink when you make the presentation.
    The fly must be easily visible under the wash of the boat when it slows down.

    If you're not interested in IGFA use whatever strength leader you want.
    The RIO line core is 70 pounds from memory, so I guess straight 50lb to a bite tippet.
    Just remember, fast moving fish and unbreakable leaders can end in tears if you don't know what you're doing.
    All my tube flies are rigged by wire - I've shown quite a few blokes how to rig them this way, and you are set up for anything that shows up in the spread.

    With regards to what leader, Mason would be my choice or Rio Hard mono.

    The flies need to be very visible, both for fish and crew doing the switch.
    Red is easily seen. Tube flies are the go. They are easier to make up and can be fashioned to almost any size you want.
    By the time the fish is teased and switched, you can read by it's body language if it is aggressive enough. If it is, it'll eat anything.
    Some blokes use the same colour fly as the teasers they are using - in all honesty, I haven't seen that it makes that much difference.
    The flies we are throwing are all about 30cm+ rigged with a double hook setup.
    Trey Combs hooks, Gamakatsu Octopus hooks etc ........ you want a wide gape for better hookup.
    You need light gauge hooks with chemically sharpened points and you need to strip strike to set that hook.

    Good luck


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