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Thread: First ever woman wins Okie Noodling festival

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    Thanks for the Info

    I do not have much experience with the vaal mermaids so this will help alot.

    So back eddies and Structure is that the place to look for them??
    What would be the ideal holding spot for Barbel??

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    To clarify back eddies : visualise slower water circling, where the scum line collects and you find barbel cruising/feeding at sundown.

    Like I said ... I don't believe barbel have holding spots in our rivers and if they do they are really deep depressions in the most slow moving of waters. In dams where you have good viz you can sometimes see them laying on the bottom in a particular spot, I don't think it is practically doable to try and locate them this way on the Vaal/Orange, but you might get lucky. For my money if you find a barbel in a "hole" (read : depression, I am yet to find a hole hole such as the ones they describe the American cats to be found in) as you move closer to it, the barbel will sense your presence and move itself out of the area, they won't stick in an open space with a larger "predator" approaching.
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