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Thread: Stcroix legend elite

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    Quote Originally Posted by redhumpy View Post
    That is amazing! I am wondering which of these rods are better - can you help me out here?
    Composite Development
    C F Burkheimer

    You would be better at pap gooing I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    The type of Stillwater fishing we do, such as drift boat or tubing, casting with the wind, with three weighted flies, being cast with the wind, requires the angler to use the wind to help carry the line forward. Am open loop on the forward cast assists this, and causes the angler to use less energy. Its a common knowledge fact, that rods designed for long leader, heavily weighted flies, do not cast open loops. Its not about the fast or slow action, its about the rods suitability for the application. Too many anglers focus on the rods ability to cast, and find out after they have bought it, that they don't like it, and don't know why. Its basically because they haven't understood the application that the rod is going to be used for. If you are fishing off a drift boat, with a long leader, with three weighted flies spaced a meter apart...the last thing you want is a tight loop. It has the risk of causing the leader to collapse onto the line as the energy from the cast dissipates, one of the possible results is your boat partner catching your fly in his ear. to prevent this, the angler has to use a faster more forced cast, whereas a rod with a more open loop would enable him to make fewer false casts, more relaxed, and use the wind better, thus conserving his energy.. Applications suitable for this are Vaal style indicator nymphing where a tight loop can have the effect of the leader hinging at the indicator and falling onto the line, Loch style long leader fishing, and North American steel head fishing. Our very own drift boat, with the wind fishing is also ideally suited for open loop casting. Its fallacy that tighter loops are a prerequisite for distance in all cases. there are cases where more distance can be achieved with the angler expending less energy. Yes, if you are bank fishing a dam, or saltwater fishing, then yes I agree, tight loop is best, as is most applications into the wind. but open loop casting is an advantage if you require the wind to assist. Its about understanding the fishing application, and employing the right tool for the job.
    My favourite rods are not designed for tight loops, but more for a particular application that works better with a slightly more open loop cast.
    Ok thanks. Understood.
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    Very much agree, although the advances in rod development are definatly making things possible, that were otherwise not thought of in the past. One could probably do anything with anything...but it isn't always what the rod can do, as much as, how it does it. When I first started fly fishing in the Cape, I use a 9wt combo kit on the streams, my only fly rod at the time.......and I caught fish....I didn't know it wasn't any good...until someone told me.
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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