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Thread: Could you, or would teach your wife to fly fish?

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    Default Could you, or would teach your wife to fly fish?

    Perhaps your partner taught you to fish! No?
    Have you tried to teach your partner to fly fish and were you successful?
    Did the relationship survive?
    Did this get you more or less fishing time?
    Depending on how long you have been together ( in my case 36 years) this can be a recipe for disaster which usually results in you doing your own thing.
    However maybe there are couples out there who have succeeded in sharing their fly fishing passion and make it work.
    Charles Thomas

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    You will probably find that if you are interested in doing things together as a couple, she might be interested in your fly fishing, and you might be interested in her gardening or whatever. I know some couples who do it together.
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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    My wife likes it now and then.She wont get addicted but has caught some nice barbel before.I think her pb stands at 7or 8kg

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    My wife absolutely loves flyfishing.
    To a large extent its how our relationship grew!
    The real trick was to have someone else teach her as you need that degree of seperation.
    Infact the only conflict we have ever had about fishing is me not taking her often enough hehehe
    "All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure." - Mark Twain

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    Quote Originally Posted by markdej View Post
    The real trick was to have someone else teach her as you need that degree of seperation.
    100% correct and true Mark. Well said.
    Mario Geldenhuys
    Smallstream fanatic, plus I do some other things that I can't tell you about

    "All the tips or magical insights in the world can't replace devotion, dedication, commitment, and gumption - and there is not secret in that" - Glenn Brackett

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    I think it depends on the individuals.
    In most cases it is deemed a individual pursuit. In other cases, bonding time with a mate to share an experience.
    If your better half is also your buddy I don't see why it is not a good idea to teach her to fly fish, it can only bond the two of you more and make for interesting camp fire stories where the lady can also give her 2 cents worth.
    One such example is Karl en Lesley Lane who wrote the book, A African Fly Fishing Safari.
    " Not tonight baby! I gotta fly"


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