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Thread: Feather Lite rods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by core fly View Post
    The rods are pretty decent.As was mentioned here.Dont expect the greatest rod for the money.That said i really enjoyed the rod.
    The whisper is a tad heavy and a bit more fast actioned than the nano.I also did not like the bulky look and deep blue blank of the whisper.
    I fished the nano and found it to be really great value for money,way better than the 6wt 10ft i built.I actually intend buying the nano as my nymph rod.
    I think the whisper is better for the guys fishing indicators and casting a bit of line out,but the nano was no slouch in this department,actually the slower action mabe lent itself better to a multi fly rig when casting nice open loops.

    All in all a very nice product,and i hooked a really big muddy and really gave the rod a hard pull and bent the tip a lot,no issues.For a beginner to intermediate angler this will be a good buy,just hope backup service will be good
    Hi John

    Thanks for that info, really usefull and insigthfull. Will remember,if I'm not happy with my new buy.
    Dirk Human

    Flyfishing for yellows...the most fun a man can have, with his clothes on, while standing up, holding a bar of gold in your hands.

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    Featherlite Whisper Fly Rods , in store now.

    Gents - for those of you who are interested, I have the full range of the Whispers in store , come along and see, feel and touch them.
    Price wise we are looking at R 1,250.00 for the 8'6" 3 weight which some of you would love to use in the Cape this weekend , to R 1,450.00 9' #9

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    How about some pics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by saflyfish View Post
    How about some pics?
    Am not trying to be lazy , but there are great images and details already on the web

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