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Thread: Fly fishing adventures of a newbie.

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    Default Fly fishing adventures of a newbie.

    As this is my first post it is only right that I first introduce myself. My name is Nick, a self employed father of three and a recent addict to fly fishing. Thanks to all those who have posted before me for an excellent forum that has offered me hours of enjoyment and an education second to none.

    My first outing fly fishing was a trip to the Vaal arranged by a friend (fly fishing obsessed ) about a month ago. As someone who grew up bank angling this experience was magical. Wading and nymphing for yellows was so much more engaging, both with the fish and with nature. I was fortunate to catch two yellows.


    Next was a trip to Magaliesberg for some casting lessons and a couple of stockies. My first trout.

    stockie 2.jpgstockie.jpg

    Conveniently for me we had planned a family vacation to Crystal Springs some time ago. So when we left for our week away on the 21st of October I was licking my lips at the prospect of hunting down some wild trout. I had read a lot of posts about guys fishing the Sabie and a couple of guys catching on the Blyde River. After a visit to Andrew at the local tackle shop in Sabie I went on a scouting expedition for fishing spots on the Blyde as per the map he supplied.

    blyde river 4.jpgblyde river 5.jpgblyde river.jpg

    So on the 26th October I headed off to the Blyde River at sunrise. There wasn't another soul around. An amazing experience to be all alone in nature, not to mention a little eerie. As I trudged through some long grass approaching the river a frog leapt into the water and I spooked thinking I may be under attack by a giant anaconda. I soon acclimatized to my surroundings and got to some fishing.

    In my three hour spell I managed to catch two rainbows. I missed another three. The river trout were very skittish and only gave me the slightest opportunity to strike.

    I loved every minute of my mini adventure and enjoyed the experience of been alone in nature just as much as I did the fishing.

    Cant wait for round two...

    blyde river 2.jpgblyde fish 2.jpgblyde fish 1.jpgblyde river 3.jpg

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    Not too shabby for a newbie. well done
    Korrie Broos

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    Way to go mate!

    You're definitely doing something right if you're enjoying this success so early.

    It certainly is a magical sport and a boost for the sanity of the soul.


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