Taken off the recent YWG Newsletter:

I have included a message below from Andrew of Artica who hosts the FOSAF website. If you accept their offer it will certainly assist us with funding the YWG.

“Do you want to help YWG out even more?

Switch your website hosting to Arctica and we will give 20% of your hosting fees back to YWG, each month, for as long as you host with us.

You pay for your website hosting each month, so why not use this monthly payment that you have to make anyway, to give even more back to YWG to help them get lots more done for flyfishing and conservation in South Africa.

Arctica has proudly hosted the FOSAF website since February 2009. We have hosting solutions to meet almost any website needs. Contact us for a competitive hosting quote and switch today. To get more information, send an email to ywg@webmachine.co.za and we will be glad to assist you.


Andrew Vester