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Thread: Urban Barbel - Fishing the flooded Lawns

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    Shammers surely you should know by now that ALL true fisherman are dyslexic to a degree, especially when reading the words " NO" and "Fishing" together…. a true angler would read that as "Fishing Only" and get stuck in!

    And I should know mate, cause I put the sexy back in Dyslexia!

    Some people are like Slinkies.... Not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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    bwha ha ha...fantastic..but hey, dressing up as a tree holding a fly rod brings back serious memories Nepps my son...ha ha ha..
    Bubble, Bubble, Bubble and Squeak...I think this mixture is too weak!!!???" (Wrex Tarr)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nepptune View Post
    …. I could swear that place gets more wind than Vredehoek…. if a duck farts in Muizenberg it blows a gale along that system… drives me nuts!!

    I've only had a look in that concrete section of the canal once, and it was completely devoid of any life ( so was the rest of the system at the time, during winter ) but I will definitely have a look next time again… I like the idea of fooling one of those spooky sneaky carp…especially from an elevated position!
    Love your discription of the wind,
    The canal is normally empty, but every now and again, you get them cruising in the canal, BUT EXTREMELY SPOOKY.
    I have thought that the carp have a 3 or 4th eye in their tail, when they are in that section.

    There are some lovely specimens in the piece of water between Black River office park and River club as well.
    Not sure how far you have walked down, but on the golf course side, you can wander all the way to Black river.
    A couple of years ago, there were sections with a lot of Port Jackson, but think a lot of it has been cleared with the golf course.
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