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    Default Sharing the passion!

    My son just bought his own fishing rod and reel!
    Its like learning to read for the first time, it does not matter what you read as long you read!.

    Congratulations Guy!
    Charles Thomas

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    Surely with you as dad he has had fishing rods his entire life?

    How did he go about paying for it, working off the hours in the shop?

    Congrats, tight lines, fishing experiences shared with family (in my case, my older brother) are inevitably four times as fantastic.
    "Hierdie drol het baie vlieŽ" - Ago 2014.

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    Yes but he wanted to buy it with his own earned money and all new at that.
    A young pale male with a job ( albeit not yet permanent) it is remarkable!
    The job I mean.
    I think there is a possible father in law to show up. He has a masters to finish in two months and that aside this development is very encouraging for me.
    So tell us something about Pompano in the Transkei please?
    Charles Thomas


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