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Thread: Epic Fast Glass 580

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    That's correct. Epic are way different than any other glass or plastic rod.
    League by it self.
    480, due it's length is delicate rod, ideal for precise dry fishing, or nymphing with small nymphs.
    476,from other side is the sweeties rod i ever tried, with such a fast recovery, that lots of graphite rods can be shamed off.
    580 is fantastic tool, graceful and delicate, but with spare power to throw the fly 30 meters, if caster skills allow it.
    Anyway, that specific feeling of making alive tight loops using amazing unloading/loading Epic fast glass capability, cannot be find anywhere else, talking about the rods I have personally tried.
    On the end, with my Epic's I cut the diameter of my tippers from 3-4X down to 5-7 X.
    I caught more fish, and lost no one single fish, including that ten pounder carp.
    Planning to catch some barbels , to check where is the limit in Epic glass flexibility in fighting a fish.

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