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Thread: Fly Fishing Durban harbour?

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    Default Fly Fishing Durban harbour?

    Back in the 90's i used to frequent Durban bay with a fly rod and had great success on the centre sandbank.I took a drive today around to the contained depot,on the dirt road,and it is now gated/blocked.This was the access road to royal zulu and the famous block.
    Does anyone know how to access that centre sandbank now,other than by boat?If any of you guys reading this still fish the centre sandbank please post a comment.

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    As far as I know there is no way to access the centre bank. Fishing from the side in the harbour is very limited. Your best option is to wait for a low and walk out from bat centre or Wilson's. Bat centre is really filthy though, so rather park at Wilson's and walk from there. I did it a few months ago, the idea was to target mullet, but the wind had other plans. I did however manage some tiny blacktails around the block, and a nice size salad fish at bat centre.
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    By the block I mean the concrete structure in front of Wilson's.
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    We've got a boat now so it's been some time since I walked onto the center bank. That said we used to park in the region of the boat club by the sharks board and walk from there. Quite a walk but worth it as I find the center bank fishes far better than the bank in front of Wilson's Wharf.

    Having said that I still fish the banks in front of Wilsons and have produced a lot of fish from there. It's easy to access and if the kingies and springer aren't around there is always a gurney or two to keep you busy
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    hey wazzy,ive got a ski so i could paddle from wilsons wharf across the channel.2 questions though:
    1. Do i need a permit for my ski to paddle in the bay?
    2. Which parking lot should i park at by wilsons wharf?


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    Hey Ryan,

    1. Yes, as far as I know you do need a permit/license to fish off a ski. I've only done it once however when testing a product, so I can't say for sure. Try these sites for more information:

    2. In terms of parking we parked at the main Wilsons Wharf parking. It was high tide so the water was up to the grass banks of the parking lot so launching was easy. At low tide it would be quite a walk/drag to the waters edge at the channel. The other option would be the club next door to Royal Natal Yacht Club at the yacht mole. There is a small beach there for skis to launch off which you can drive to if you're a member.

    You can check out our review of the Feedom Hawk below. We tested this in the harbour so some of it may be useful.

    It was an awesome boat. If I couldn've loaded it onto the roof of my car alone I would've bought one for sure.

    Hope this helps.
    - Warren Prior

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