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Have you considered MHX or St Croix or even the Orvis Access as an budget build in your 10' option?

I had the MHX 9' 5wt in my hand on Saturday and all I can say is that those blanks are fantastic as a budget build. I was pleasantly surprised by it. You only need to look at www.rodbuildingforum.com to see for yourself what the Yanks like building on. I once had a discussion with them about this and they all reckon that not everyone can afford a $650 build but most can afford a $250 build. They also reckon that the MHX is as good as anything else out there.

I am not sure why people like the BVK in the 10' 6wt as its heavier than most of their counterparts out there. I once fished a mate's BVK on the Vaal. I gave it back almost immediately.

Now if you are after budget, then MHX and Orvis Access fills that need perfectly. You can use better components than what the Yanks do on their $250 builds and still come in below or just over R3500 for this build with shipping, tax and everything else included.

I am really looking forward to see what you are going to settle for. I think this is going to be an interesting build.

Orvis Access does not offer a 6 weight 10ft (at least not on the Mudhole website), but MHX and St.C does. MHX for all I know seems a pretty decent choice, couple hundred Rand cheaper as well as a teeny bit lighter than the Saint. Regardless though, I think I just realised a 7 weight may be a better choice... but first a fishduc!