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Thread: Kob Inn Estuary and Mazeppa - Transkei

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    Default Kob Inn Estuary and Mazeppa - Transkei

    Hi Guys,

    has anyone fished the estuary next to Kob Inn (just up from Mazeppa) or the surrounding areas.

    I would like to target kob and grunter, which flies would be the best to use. i would also like to give it a shot off the island if the weather permits, any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated!

    i have a 9wt outfit with intermediate line and a spare spool of floating.


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    Use a white clouse with pink flash on a no2 hook or use a sand prawn imitation I use a fly I call the wool fly because I used to tie it with wool and white deer hair but I use synthetic fiber now the fly has a name I just don't know what its name is I catch grunter and kob on it my biggest kob on it is 12kg+- here is a pic of the fly. It is the yellow red and orange fly
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