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Thread: 5 Flies for Sterkfontein

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    Darryl take some of your NZ cicada's they will get smashed !!!

    What ever you do never confuse Fishing With catching Fish !!!!
    Fish Are Friends Not Food

    But your reasoning has a fatal flaw; it overlooks the fact that to comprehend it requires that one rub a few brain cells against each other. The heat thus generated produces the light that illuminates the fact, but alas, not everybody has the resource required to fuel the process --SG

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    I never skip sterkies without
    Beetles, beetles and some more beetles
    Kf simulators
    Elk/CDC caddis
    RAB / para RAB
    G.R.H.E (weighted and un-weighted)

    And in as many different sizes and colors as i can get my hands on.

    My 2c
    So tell me.... How Big's yours?

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    All these flies work well if you fish them right but nothing beats a hopper or beetle smash and run.....
    ".....angling is a sport that requires as much enthusiasm as poetry, as much patience as mathematics and as much caution as housbreaking". - James Rennie 1883

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    I have no clue, but I reckon you can't go wrong with the one on the left ;-)

    Mario Geldenhuys
    Smallstream fanatic, plus I do some other things that I can't tell you about

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    If I were a SmallMouth, I'd chow hoppers all the time. Just look at that fat meal.
    "Hierdie drol het baie vlieë" - Ago 2014.

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    Thanks very much for all the advice on flies guys, really appreciate it! Will be trying to fit in a couple of tying sessions between now and then. Denton, will def take some of my cicadas.
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