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Thread: Removing Air Bubbles from Epoxy

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    Default Removing Air Bubbles from Epoxy

    I noticed some guys asking how to remove air bubbles from epoxy - here is a bullet proof trick we often used in building my epoxy yacht;

    Mix the epoxy like normal,
    Then take a hair dryer and blow hot air onto the mix,
    You will see the bubbles expand, rise to the surface and explode,
    The end result is almost no bubbles what-so-ever,
    Now apply the epoxy mix to your fly.

    It should still be OK for 5 or 15 minute epoxies - however, heat encourages epoxy to set quicker. By alternating the mix ratio, you can get the epoxy to set quicker or slower depending on your need. You might have to experiment a bit.

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    Excellent Wiets! I now have at least three methods for countering epoxy bubbles. Great help, thanksalot...

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