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Thread: Yellow fishing upper Kraai eastern cape

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    Default Yellow fishing upper Kraai eastern cape

    Hey guys just need a little advice. I normally only fish for trout in smaller streams but I was hoping for some advice on fishing for yellows in the upper kraai river. What sort of flies work best and what sort of technique should I use? what i mean is do you cast out far and let the line sink or do you only fish in the shallows/rapids with a quick retrival?

    I am just unsure as to go about it because most guys whom fish in up here use normal tackle with crab meat and generally nobody uses flyfishing gear.

    Any advice will be much appreciated!

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    Hey Keenan,

    You will use the same flies and techniques as you would use for Trout. The yellowfish will be feeding on the same insects as the Trout. Both weighted and unweighted black mayfly nymphs such as Zacks will do well and they will also take dry fly such as hoppers, beetles, caddis imitations etc


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